API Branding Building Blocks

As I study the API space, and profile the companies, services, and tooling I come across I'm always looking for the common building blocks in use across API operations. These are derived the features, and valuable elements of API operations, and the companies who are servicing this particular area of the API space.

  • Overview
    • Give Credit -
    • Bring Value -
    • Use of Brand Name -
    • Use of Brand Logo -
    • Use of Product Titles -
    • Naming Your Application -
  • Assets
    • Image Assets -
    • Icon Assets -
    • Other Assets -
  • Requirements
    • Content Display Requirements -
    • Data Display Requirements -
    • Linking Requirements -
  • Guides
    • Branding Examples -
    • Full Style Guide -

These building blocks are constantly being added to and reorganized. If there is something you think should be here feel free to let me know. Remember that this represents my living research, and will evolve, expand and actually seed new research areas as I find the time to pay attention to API testing.